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Naren Inow | Inow Studio

Inow Studio™ | Interiors – a multidisciplinary Art & Design Firm, was founded in 2012, by Naren Inow, a Professional Artist-Designer–Calligrapher based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.
With a background in Architecture from School of Architecture & Planning , Chennai, Naren Inow, set to reform his vision for art & design and has been exhibiting his works on an international scale since 2015.

Art as its most representative forms began disintegrating to the original point of conception, where ideas begin to evolve. Inow, started capturing those intangibles through forms, patterns, colors and texture when he realized, “Expression” was a great tool to make a statement that people could contemplate with their deep emotions.

The Studio focuses on an intuitive & iterative process of design with respect to each individual client and their vision for their project.
Experimenting forms – Exploring materials – Creating provocative Art, are the major area’s we concentrate on to make each of our projects a unique one.